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    We are the best in our industry by providing customers with high quality vehicle wash services they will never forget.
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  • The best car detailing in Winnipeg  

    We service all makes and models of vehicles, so no matter what type or size your car is - we've got you covered. Call today for a free estimate!
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    Keep your vehicle looking good as new with our selection of high-quality products. We have the perfect product for every type of care need, from basic detailing to more extensive repairs that require professional assistance!
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It's time to come and wash your truck, Car

With our large commercial vehicle washers, you can quickly and efficiently maintain a clean truck fleet. We offer battery-powered washing solutions that are easy to move around as well as fixed bay systems for those who need more space or don't want their equipment taking up valuable parking spots in your lot!
We’re professional and certified truck washers
We use quality material to clean your truck
We care about our customers satisfaction
We have 20+ years of experiences for give you better quality results.
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Our fleet wash systems are designed for the simple, efficient and quick delivery of high-quality results.

Eco Friendly

Your operation will be environmentally friendly and you'll start saving money as soon as the first car enters our bay!

great value

We help you wash your trucks in less time with our innovative and profit maximizing technology.

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  • I recommend them to anyone who needs their vehicle worked on. They do great work and are very detail-oriented, which I appreciate since it's something that can really make a difference when you're dealing with the exterior of your car or truck! The prices aren't bad either; they offer good value for the services provided

    Gloria Wyatt

  • The company is professional and courteous. They do trailer washouts with care, efficiency, at affordable prices! This business does hardwork every day so its customers don’t have anything else but success

    Trans Daniel

  • The service at Dm Sarpanch Washing is second to none. These guys are fast, reliable and do an excellent job of cleaning your truck! highly recommend them for all things automotive needs in the area 👍👌 cellent 24x7 Great work ethic makes this business stand out from others who just want one thing - money!!

    Rob Wilson

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The future of trucking is here

Choose your training and register for free. If you are a freelancer, the courses are entirely taken care of..
January 14, 2022

Profit maximizing washing system

Truck owners have had to make do with basic washes that take hours per batch. With our state-of-the-art machine, you can wash your entire load of trucks at once!
February 17, 2022

Perfect solution for washing your trucks.

Keep your trucks looking pristine with all-inclusive service from experts. Choose options that will suit any budget or need so you can stay on top competition!
March 14, 2022

rob.webclouds@gmail.com - October 5, 2023

Why Should one need to perform Fleet Wash Services Winnipeg?

A crucial but often-overlooked aspect of your agricultural or industrial operation is Fleet Wash Services Winnipeg. You know how big and ugly large fleet trucks can get if you've ever been squeezed by semi trucks, tractor trailers, or combines on the interstate, especially if they aren't properly maintained or cleaned. In addition to being unsightly, the dirt on your fleet trucks poses a safety risk because it can quickly jam up machinery and affect performance. You shou

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With our truck wash service, you can rest assured knowing that your trucks will always be clean and looking their best.

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    Do you want to keep your car looking its best? Well, there are a variety of products that can help with this. We offer an extensive line-up for both interior and exterior cleaning needs as well!
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